DJ Galactic – Soul2tech on Spootify

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Moonlight -(French House) Roland MV-8800

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Shock Wave – with Korg MS-20 Mini

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Korg Electribe Sampler – DnB jam “Humble” – DJ Galactic

DJ Galactic “Humble” new track with Korg Electribe Sampler / ESX2 (Version 2) – Original track(Prototype project), live with Korg Electribe Sampler 2(Electribe / ESX2) 2017. I’m dedicated this live dnb jam of my upcoming track “humble” as a tribute to Marcus Intalex and the city of Manchester England. Continuing to work on prototype DnB project to learn and improve what can be improved, I know the path is long ; that s how I see it even if we are time limited… free to share your feedback. Happy listening!

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DnB Mix May 2017 (DJ Galactic)

SoulPower #DnB #Session #DJGalactic

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DJ Galactic – Korg iPolysix DnB Session (Prototype)

DJ Galactic – Korg iPolysix DnB Session “Mindset” (Prototype). New live electronic music (DnB / Drum and Bass) 2017 by DJ Galactic on Apple iPad with korg app (iPolysix).  Dnb  as intelligent electronic music is the “mindset” of the new prototype project that started in 2014.

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check out Soul2tech Album (Electronic Music / House Music)

Symbioza (feat Anne So)
Back To reality
Insomniak (Feat Sarah Jenny)
Live on
4U (Feat Anne So & Djiss)
Outer Space
Living Dream

By DJ Galactic 2017 all Right Reserved

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DJ Galactic – Sand Storm with Korg iElectribe

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