DJ Galactic – Birmingham

DJ Galactic Birmingham on Spotify

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DJ Galactic – Outer Space (Soul2tech)

DJ Galactic Outer Space (Soul2tech) on Spotify here

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DJ Galactic – Live ON (Soul2tech)

Live on Spotify here

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DJ Galactic – Scratching DnB / Jungle Vinyls


DJ Galactic – Scratching DnB / Jungle Vinyls : I had to pay my tribute to hip hop music and scratching. I have always been fascinated by hip hop culture music and scratching techniques. Here was the first thing I have done few days ago after coming back home, I took two vinyls and just played with it on my turntables, to feel back my hand free and it worked somehow….
Happy birthday Hip Hop & Grand Wizzard Theodore!

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DJ Galactic – Electro Effect (Down Tempo)

DJ Galactic – Electro Effect

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Liquid DnB Mixtape 2017 (DJ Galactic)

Liquid DnB Mixtape 2017 (DJ Galactic)
Chart positions This upload was 24th in the Liquid Drum And Bass chart , 31st in the Jungle chart , 31st in the Drum And Bass chart , 36th in the Dnb chart and 54th in the Drum & Bass chart .


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DJ Galactic – Future Jazz (Drum and Bass)

DJ Galactic – Future Jazz (Drum and Bass) Jam Korg Electribe Sampler 2 from the DnB Prototype Project. Jamming, sampling, and Jazz what a beautiful combination, that motivates me to keep it up even in these time. Back to the hospital today, dropping this quick beat making session meanwhile, I made from one of my upcoming track Only Paradise from the Drum and Bass / Jungle Prototype that hopefully will rise to the sky in 2018. Simplicity is the key it s one of the beat that use the fewest channels on any of my tracks, and it s crazy what you can achieve with few elements ; I re-sampled my track Only Paradise chopped it and detune which create a totally different sound, with applying different filters + effects on it…
Future Jazz, is kind of Electronic Jazz Music adapted through the drum and bass style by DJ Galactic ; I was born from jazz music and feel it’s a nice loop to come back to the jazz that gave me all what I know in music. Hope it sounds ok, anyway I had a good time, feel free to rate and share your feedback. Peace

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